“The research we did was entirely appropriate and told us what people wanted to have in the square.”

“They wanted a square that … had more staged events.”

This is a recent statement from a Glasgow City Council spokesman – presumably the ‘research’ referred to is the infamous Ipos Mori ‘qualitative research’ involving focus groups of just 42 citizens.

The conclusion of that research states:

“Going forward, representative survey research would enable the Council to assess the extent to which the various aspirations and concerns raised by the participants are reflected among the wider citizenry, thus providing a robust evidence base for future decisions.”

That representative survey clearly has not taken place. Quantitative polls like those below might explain why Glasgow City Council have been so keen to ignore this recommendation from Ipos Mori:

Glasgow Guide

Urban Realm

The George Square Project Board is made up entirely of Glasgow City Council employees and representatives from Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (including the Head of Major Events) and the Chamber of Commerce (Glasgow’s business lobby, read Stuart Patrick’s aspirations for George Square here).

Email your councillor via this link and contact the George Square Project Board at georgesquareconsultation@glasgow.gov.uk