Since the debate regarding George Square (Letters, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21 and 22), I have walked and driven through Glasgow with a critical eye.

In my view there is just one street worthy of a city with aspirations of greatness – the section of Buchanan Street between Nelson Mandela Place and Argyle Street. This stretch would not look out of place in any of Europe’s great cities and stands out because its Victorian facade has remained largely free of the intrusion of city planners and developers.

Ironically, the one building in this stretch which remains empty and unloved is the copper clad BOAC building, which was completed in 1970 – an indication of how we have fallen out of love with the ephemeral architectural fashions of the 1960s and 1970s.

Glasgow is littered with disasters as a result of its quixotic councillors and planners trashing one area after another – Charing Cross, Sauchiehall Street, Queen Street, Anderston, Tradeston, Kinning Park. The list goes on, not to mention the crimes against the civic community such as high rises and housing schemes, most of which will be demolished before 50 years have passed since they were built.

Even recently I travelled the length of London Road looking for signs that the regeneration promised as a result of the Commonwealth Games would provide a glimmer of hope. There was none.

Successive councils in the past 60 years have served Glasgow badly. They have shown no vision and proved themselves unworthy curators of its heritage. There is therefore no reason to trust them with the redevelopment of George Square. Any such redevelopment should be put forward for approval to council tax payers. The people of Glasgow can be trusted to make better decisions than their representatives.

William Thomson,

25 Lithgow Place, Denny.