The proposed rules include:

  • giving new powers to quangos (including those with a commercial membership) to refuse admission to Glasgow’s parks
  • giving the Director of Land and Environmental Services the power to remove public access rights to any park at any time
  • A cycle speed limit of 5mph (but motorised vehicles a 10mph limit)
  • Requiring written consent to “play or practice any organised sport”
  • A ban on gathering in numbers of more than 20.

You can read Glasgow City Council’s committee document here and the proposed rules here

A petition opposing elements of the review is currently nearing 5,000 signatures.

You can also write to your councillor quickly via the website

Glasgow City Council’s consultation page on their website invites us to write to
Land and Environmental Services
Parks Management Rules
Exchange House
231 George St
G1 1RX

before the 14 February 2014 to object